What is UVC Membership Levels ?

The UVC, or Unlimited Vacation Club is a membership program that offers its members exclusive access to a wide range of travel and vacation benefits. Within this club there are different levels of membership known as UVC Membership Levels , which determine the benefits and perks members can enjoy. This article details what UVC Membership is Levels , how they work and what are the main benefits associated with each level.

Understanding UVC Membership Levels

UVC Membership Levels are membership structures that offer different benefit packages to Unlimited members Vacation Club. These tiers vary in terms of membership costs, accessibility to luxury resorts, travel discounts, and other exclusive privileges. Joining one of these tiers allows members to have personalized and often more cost-effective vacation experiences than if they were organized independently.

UVC Adhesion Levels

UVC Membership Levels are generally structured into categories that may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Silver Membership : This is the entry level, offering access to a basic selection of resorts and benefits. Members at this level can enjoy discounts on stays, access to special offers, and the ability to accumulate points for future travel.
  2. Gold Membership : An intermediate tier that offers more benefits than Silver. Gold members have access to a wider variety of resorts, greater booking discounts and more opportunities to earn points.
  3. Platinum Membership : This is one of the highest levels, offering a wide range of benefits. In addition to Silver and Gold level benefits, Platinum members can enjoy additional services such as room upgrades, access to exclusive events and greater booking flexibility.
  4. Diamond Membership : The highest level of membership at UVC. Diamond members have access to all the benefits of previous levels and even more. They can expect full VIP service, including personal travel assistants, complimentary airport transfers, and priority access to new resorts and promotions.

Benefits of UVC Membership Levels

Each UVC Membership Level comes with a specific set of benefits that increase depending on the membership level. Here are some of the main benefits offered:

  • Resort Discounts : All members, regardless of tier, can enjoy discounts on stays at UVC member resorts. These discounts vary depending on the membership level.
  • Points Accumulation : Members accumulate points with each booking, which can be used for future stays or upgrades. Higher levels accumulate points at a faster rate.
  • Room Upgrades : Depending on membership level, members can receive free or reduced-price room upgrades, providing a more luxurious vacation experience.
  • Exclusive Events : Members have access to exclusive events hosted by UVC, which can include private parties, dinners with renowned chefs, and more.
  • Booking Flexibility : Higher tiers offer greater booking flexibility, allowing changes and cancellations without additional fees, which is a huge benefit for those with a variable travel schedule.
  • VIP Services : Members at the highest levels, such as Platinum and Diamond, receive VIP services, which include personal travel assistants, airport transfers, and priority access to new offers and promotions.

How UVC Adhesion Works

Joining Unlimited Vacation Club is a relatively simple process, but it requires a significant financial commitment, especially at the highest levels. Potential members can sign up during a visit to one of the affiliated resorts or through the official UVC website. After signing up, members receive a welcome kit detailing all benefits and how to access them.

Cost of UVC Membership Levels

Membership costs vary widely based on the membership level chosen. While Silver Membership may be more affordable, higher levels such as Platinum and Diamond require a greater financial investment. However, the added benefits and long-term savings on travel and stays may justify the initial cost for many frequent travelers.

Who Should Consider Joining UVC?

UVC membership is ideal for frequent travelers who value luxury experiences and seek exclusive benefits not available to the general public. If you are someone who takes several trips a year and want to make the most of your stays, then one of the UVC Membership Levels can be an excellent choice.

Examples of Affiliated Resorts

The Unlimited Vacation Club is associated with a wide network of luxury resorts in popular vacation destinations. Some examples include:

  • Dreams Resorts & Spas : Known for its stunning locations and high-quality services, UVC members can enjoy deeply discounted stays and additional benefits.
  • Secrets Resorts & Spas : Focused on adult experiences, these resorts offer a romantic atmosphere and exclusive services for UVC members.
  • Breathless Resorts & Spas : Ideal for those looking for a vibrant and social environment, UVC members have access to themed parties and special events.

Membership Benefits Levels

To get the most out of your UVC membership, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Plan Ahead : Booking your trips in advance can ensure you get the best deals and availability at the most popular resorts.
  2. Take Advantage of Exclusive Events : Participating in exclusive events can provide unique and memorable experiences that are not available to non-members.
  3. Use Accumulated Points : Be sure to use your accumulated points for room upgrades and future stays, maximizing the value of your membership.
  4. Stay Up to Date with Offers : UVC frequently launches new promotions and offers. Staying informed about these opportunities can help you enjoy even more benefits.


UVC Membership Levels offer a variety of exclusive benefits for frequent travelers who want a luxurious, personalized vacation experience. From resort discounts to VIP services, each membership level offers something special. Assessing your travel habits and choosing the right membership level can provide unparalleled and memorable vacation experiences. If you are considering becoming an Unlimited member Vacation Club, understand the different UVC Membership Levels and their benefits are essential to making an informed decision and maximizing your travel experiences.

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