Installation Guide for LED High Bay Lights

Many businesses are looking to adopt energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions, mainly due to rising electricity costs and the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions. LEDs are the most popular choice as they have proven to be a novel invention due to their low energy consumption, high-quality light, and fast startup time. Most business owners prefer to buy high bay lights as they really help them save a lot of energy bills, thus keeping their workspaces better lit. 


If you have a large space that needs lighting, such as a factory, warehouse, gym, production facility, large department store, etc., you may buy high bay lights due to their powerful lighting that produces just the right amount of light for large spaces with high ceilings. But since these light fixtures vary in size, design, mounting style, color, and lumens, you may be confused about their Installation and making the right choice. So this installation guide can help you find the right installation options for your LED high bay light fixtures. 


LED high bay lights can illuminate a large area with a high ceiling. The installation height for these fixtures is over 12 feet, and their wattage is over 100W. It is an ideal solution for large interior spaces that need to be illuminated. Large business facilities cover a lot of vertical and horizontal space and hence require powerful lighting to provide the right level of illumination required. They can create powerful illumination at long distances, thus improving visibility and focusing light more directly than traditional fixtures. Let us see the best ways to install high bay light fixtures for your facility. 


How High Should the High Bay Light Fixtures Be?


The first thing for Installation is to determine the best way to install the high bay lights. For this, you need to measure the height and square footage of your desired location. Also, ensure that the ceiling of this space is at least 10-15 feet high. Installing high bays can be done in two ways:

  • Replacing your current lights: If you already have metal halide high bays installed, you only need an upgrade before you install LED high bay lights. Remember that these lights can give off the same lumens and still operate at a lower wattage than non-LED units. LEDs use less power, so keep the wattage equivalency in mind. Most companies provide the wattage equivalents on the product listings. 
  • New Installation: If you will be installing lights for the first time in space, you need to keep a few things in mind. The first is that lumen output is affected by the installation height. This means that a height of 10-15 feet needs 10000-15000 lumens of light, 15-20 feet need 16000-20000 lumens of light, 25-35 feet need 33000-35000 lumens of light, and a height of 40+ feet needs over 45000 lumens of lights. 


How Far Should You Space the Lights?


This is one of the ten most important considerations when it comes to installing LED high bay lights. It is vital for lighting the space well. It requires you to know your country’s electrical codes. So make sure you check the code compliance before installing high bay lights. These codes may differ from state to state or city to city.


The closer you install the high bay light fixtures, the more the light will overlap at the ground level, and the brighter will be the light. The farther the lights are installed, the less the lights will overlap. If you put them far apart, you will have gaps instead of overlapping. The bigger the gaps, the more uneven your lighting will be at ground level. 


For factory lighting, the distance for the LED high bay lights can be around 10-12 feet apart. For normal and uniform lighting, make sure to keep the distance around. If you want more lighting in the areas, place teh light fixtures at a distance of around 20 feet. But remember that a greater height means you will require more LED high bay lights. 


For spaces with high ceilings, the spacing should be about 20 feet high to ensure brightness. For normal lighting conditions, 25 feet of space is ideal, but it should be ensured that the lumen output should be 400-1000 Watts. Some suppliers provide purchasers with an installation manual along with graphic guides to make installation instructions clear. 


Things to know before Installation


  • Make sure you check the compatibility of the dimmer switch you use if you purchase a dimmable high bay. Keep in mind that some dimmers do not work in conjunction with lights as powerful as these fixtures.
  • Also, determine if you would like to hang the high bay light fixtures or mount them on the ceiling. Most high bay light fixtures offer both options, but the ceiling height may influence your choice. 


To Sum Up


So, make sure you follow these tips to adequately illuminate your business space. Also, look for LED high bay light suppliers that can offer quality light fixtures that are reliable and durable.