Luxury Smartwatch Metawatch:

The exterior of this Metawatch is absolutely luxurious, but what’s even more exciting is the intelligent and advanced technology inside that makes driving a dream.

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Flip Smartphone:

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The retro Flip Smartphone is built with cutting edge processing power ensuring non-stop performance and long battery span.

Savor the Definite Snap:

Capture life’s precious moments with the Flip Smartphone’s advanced camera system, featuring:Capture life’s precious moments with the Flip Smartphone’s advanced camera system, featuring:


Pixel Perfect: High resolution cameras. The goal is to capture high definition images.

Wide Angle Wonder: Shoot wider to enchant the landscape with the super wide angle lens.

Touch and AI Photo Editor: Add to your images in an easy way with familiar tweaks and AI-powered wizardry.

Zooming Style at Disposal: Experience a whole new dimension of viewing wildlife in its natural habitat with shortest and longest distances shooting scenes possible.

Robust Battery:

Get all-day power from a long lasting battery of 4500mAh, chosen for you, that won’t let your busy life.

Ultra-Fast Charging:

A speedy charge of Flip Smartphone using fast charging features ensures an easy recovery of your smartphone to help complete the day’s work.

Flip Smartphone:

The era of smartphone decadence has begun, choose the device with cool design, speed, and technical innovations that suits your needs. Shop at flip gadget shop now!

Key Features:

6.7-inch AMOLED display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is one of the top-notch performance processors ranked by the experts.

  • 12GB RAM, 256GB internal storage (Card expandable up to 2TB)
  • Quad-camera which uses artificial intelligence smart features.
  • 4500mAh capacity, fast charging skills.
  • Android 12 operating system
  • 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, BLE 5.3, USB-C connection hardware
  • Colors:
  • Aurora Blue
  • Cosmic Black
  • Sunset Gold

Warranty: For window tint, 1 year warranty and technical support.