Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Woes: A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re facing issues with your Mitsubishi air conditioner, worry not! In this detailed guide, we’ll explore common problems and their solutions, enabling you to maintain your Mitsubishi AC confidently.

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Mitsubishi AC Unit is Blinking Lights

Your Mitsubishi indoor unit blinking lights is a self-diagnosis feature signaling a potential issue. Start by checking the bottom louvre’s clasp, ensuring it’s secure. Loose clasps often cause the bottom lights to blink. For further troubleshooting, identify which LED light flashes and how many times, then consult your owner’s manual for a step-by-step guide. Electrical issues may require an electrician’s expertise.

Mitsubishi Mini Split is Leaking water.

A leaking Mitsubishi mini split suggests a clog in the condenser drain line. To address this, remove the unit, clean the pipes to eliminate blockages, and splash the entire piping system with water. Consider hiring an aircon servicing expert to ensure optimal performance for a thorough cleaning.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

Check the air filter and thermostat settings to see if your Mitsubishi AC blows hot air. A dirty filter may be the culprit. If the issue persists, contacting a licensed service provider like Socool is recommended for a proper diagnosis and resolution.

Mitsubishi AC Unit is Not Cool Enough

Sufficient cooling may result from a mismatch between your AC unit’s power and room size. Consider upgrading to a more robust model or relocating the unit. Regular servicing from professionals like Socool is essential for consistent cooling efficiency.

How to Reset Your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Reset your Mitsubishi AC by turning it off, plugging the power cord, and flipping the circuit breaker connected to your air conditioner. Switch the breaker back to its original position after waiting 30 seconds to a minute. Power on your air conditioner, and the reset should be complete.

Mitsubishi AC Troubleshooting Guide

  • Check for Error Codes: Error codes on the LED screen or blinking lights indicate issues. Cross-reference these codes with your owner’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps.
  • Cross-Reference with Owner’s Manual: Your owner’s manual lists error codes and a troubleshooting guide tailored to your Mitsubishi air conditioner model.

Contact Professionals for Repairs: If troubleshooting proves challenging or you need clarification on the problem, contact experienced technicians at for accurate assessments and repairs. Regular servicing is crucial for maintaining your Mitsubishi AC.

Common Error Codes

  • P1: Intake sensor error
  • P2/P9: Pipe sensor error
  • E6/E7: Indoor/outdoor unit communication error
  • P4: Drain sensor error
  • P5: Drain pump error
  • PA: Forced compressor error
  • P6: Freezing/Overheating safeguard operation
  • EE: Communication error between indoor and outdoor units
  • P8: Pipe temperature error
  • E4: Remote controller signal receiving error
  • FB: Indoor unit control system error
  • E0/E3: Remote controller transmission error
  • E1/E2: Remote controller control board error
  • E9: Indoor/outdoor unit communication error (Outdoor unit)
  • UP: Compressor overcurrent interruption
  • U3, U4: Open/short of outdoor unit thermistors
  • UF: Compressor overcurrent interruption (When compressor locked)
  • U2: Abnormal high discharging temperature
  • U1/UD: Abnormal high pressure
  • U5: Abnormal temperature of heat sink
  • U8: Outdoor unit fan safeguard stop
  • U6: Compressor overcurrent interruption/Abnormal power module
  • U7: Abnormal superheat due to low discharge temperature
  • U9/UH: Abnormalities such as overvoltage or voltage shortage and abnormal synchronous signal to the main circuit/Current sensor error.

Maintaining Your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Socool recommends regular care and maintenance for your Mitsubishi air conditioner. Ensure proper cleaning, filter replacement, and timely professional servicing for optimal performance and longevity.


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